BRBUILDLOG:command:br_prepare_repo binutils_gdb master ---> git remote prune origin ---> git pull --all Fetching origin Already up-to-date. Current top commit: commit ea638c43121624bb4b09bb89b88314f99c85a48d Author: Alan Hayward Date: Mon Feb 11 16:38:29 2019 +0000 AArch64: Detect exit from execve syscall Checking the syscall number when stopped on entry/exit relies on checking the value in register X8. However, on exit from an execve syscall, the registers will all be cleared. Given this is only checked on syscall entry/exit, then a cleared register state either means execve exit or syscall 0 (io_setup) entry with invalid parameters and an invalid FR and LR, which in reality should never happen. Use this to detect execve exit. Move function to allow use of aarch64_sys_execve enum, and use newer regcache functions. Fixes gdb.base/catch-syscall.exp on Aarch64. gdb/ChangeLog: * aarch64-linux-tdep.c (aarch64_linux_get_syscall_number): Check for execve. Outstanding patch: BRBUILDLOG:starttime:1549907619 BRBUILDLOG:stoptime:1549907621 BRBUILDLOG:duration:2 BRBUILDLOG:status:0