BRBUILDLOG:command:br_prepare_repo binutils_gdb master ---> git remote prune origin ---> git pull --all Fetching origin Already up-to-date. Current top commit: commit de2396d07844ca39a1893a11ead375acf2556890 Author: Tom Tromey Date: Mon Dec 2 16:12:19 2019 -0700 Fix build breakage with --disable-tui An earlier patch introduced a unit test for tui_copy_source_line. However if the TUI is not built (as is apparently the case on some of the buildbot builders), then this will fail to link. This patch fixes the problem. Tested by rebuilding with the TUI disabled. gdb/ChangeLog 2019-12-02 Tom Tromey * unittests/tui-selftests.c (run_tests): Make conditional. (_initialize_tui_selftest): Make conditional. Change-Id: I964811c7635be24cf6c53920e74e920914503674 Outstanding patch: BRBUILDLOG:starttime:1575329440 BRBUILDLOG:stoptime:1575329443 BRBUILDLOG:duration:3 BRBUILDLOG:status:0