BRBUILDLOG:command:br_prepare_repo binutils_gdb master ---> git remote prune origin ---> git pull --all Fetching origin Already up-to-date. Current top commit: commit 6405cd73c0d160d9b6f82744bb5510b3e101ad59 Author: Tom Tromey Date: Sat Jul 6 08:18:27 2019 -0600 Remove tui_gen_win_info::last_visible_line The last_visible_line field of tui_gen_win_info is not used, so remove it. gdb/ChangeLog 2019-08-13 Tom Tromey * tui/tui-data.h (struct tui_gen_win_info) : Remove. * tui/tui-data.c (tui_initialize_static_data): Update. Outstanding patch: BRBUILDLOG:starttime:1565733413 BRBUILDLOG:stoptime:1565733416 BRBUILDLOG:duration:3 BRBUILDLOG:status:0 BRBUILDLOG:command:br_prepare_repo gcc master ---> git remote prune origin ---> git pull --all Fetching origin error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge: gcc/config/tilegx/mul-tables.c Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge. Aborting Updating a16222e..d1170f8 BRBUILDLOG:starttime:1565733416 BRBUILDLOG:stoptime:1565733419 BRBUILDLOG:duration:3 BRBUILDLOG:status:1